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Don and I knew each since 1990 when we met when as faculty at Eastern Illinois University. We remained friends for 27 years. He called me at EIU when the position came open at OSU in 1995. My specialization is SPSY and Don’s was CPSY, two areas that are as different as night and day. We loved to play fight at work … intellectually, programmatically, or fighting for resources. My analogy is that we were like a couple of brothers who loved to wrestle until one cried uncle. Most people couldn’t quite understand that aspect of our relationship. However, work was work and we left it all on the field.

Here’s a quick memory for all. Classic Don too. Let me set this up for you….

So we used to deer hunt together on his property years back. He was usually in his box blind on top of this old white building as you entered his property, in a lawn chair or recliner, with a thermos of coffee, a wool blanket, etc. Pretty comfy right? I usually went up in a metal tripod in the back of his property where the wind blew very cold. Not so comfy, ha ha. One frosty morning at sun rise I hear Don shoot. I text him -

Me: Don did you shoot?
Don: yeah I missed that f**ker
Me: how close was he?
Don: 75 yards
Me: you’re a terrible shot you old b*stard, didn’t you have your gun propped on the ledge before you shot? 
Don: well yeah… F**k you a**hole … I shake
Me: bull*hit you whiny a**. You need a better gun with a decent scope
Don: nope
Me: Yep
Don: no then I would have one less excuse for missing. Let’s go see if Barb will cook us breakfast
Me: ok I’ll meet you at the house


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