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I've been friends with Glen for over 40 years.  He did many contract jobs for Conoco at the time I was based in Cushing, Oklahoma.  It was a privilege and an honor to know such a fine and outstanding man.  He knew many hardships in his life but overcame them all to be a successful owner of his own company along with his wife, Eithel.  He was from The Greatest Generation and grew up during the Great Depression and then went on to fight in WWII.  The photo is one Glen gave me many years ago when he was in Anzio, Italy during WWII.  He had many stories of his service to our country.  Always ready and willing to lend a helping hand , he taught me many life lessons.  He will be missed greatly by myself and my  family.


                                                                             Darrell, Jean & Chris Manceaux

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