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Photo shared: Bell, Maxine (Robert 1).jpg Maxine with her friend Nikki Carriveau in Oklahoma City.

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Story shared: Chickasha Festival of Light Last December, we asked Maxine if she'd like to ride with us to the Festival of Light in Chickasha. She was delighted to say yes, adding that she had never been there before. Her apartment was right next to ours, so on the day we went, she came over to eat prior to us leaving.

It was a cold but pretty day, with delicate wispy clouds in the sky. We went in our 26 year old Mercury Grand Marquis. Maxine really liked that car! We had a good laugh about the ladies being chauffered along. They sat in the back with an afghan over their knees, while Robert drove with our chihuaha curled up in front with Maxine's walker. The walker wouldn't go in the trunk because the trunk was taken up with the components of a great stereo system. With the heater cooking and ambient music filling our ears, we hit the road. On the way, we were treated to a beautiful sunset which, along with the clouds, was as beautiful as any we'd ever seen. Maxine agreed that it looked like brush strokes from the hand of God. 

The Chickasha Festival of Light display is truly special, as anyone who knows would agree. We arrived early enough to be one of the first cars to drive through. Maxine was so happy to be there with us! Her eyes were lit up as bright as the lights. But as great as the Festival display was, we were in agreement on just how special and beautiful that sunset we saw earlier had been. God smiled on us twice that night. 

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