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Story shared: My Angel I would like to share the impact Darla made on my life. I remember the first time Darla came to our home in Coyle. I was in the first grade and she cam to our home to see my brother, Rick. Darla was dating my brother at that time which soon grew into a marriage. I have so many wonderful memories with Darla beginning with my child hood and continuing to my adult life. I remember spending alot of nights with Darla when she was still living in Coyle with her room mate. I remember Miss Darla trimming my hair as a favor for my mother and in the process of trimming my hair, i think I was around 7, she knicked my back and I lost it, I told her I was telling my mom on  her, with tears of course, lol. I remember as an adult Darla told me when that happened she was scared of what my mom was going to say or do. I remember in some difficult times in my adult life, Darla was there to help me, support and most of all encourage me. I wish I would have expressed how important she was to me and the importance she played on my life growing up. I have some quite commical memories with Darla as an adult. I wont go into to details, but there were a couple occaisions when myself, Darla, Janey and my mother had a wonderful time and some great memories. Darla I wish you knew how important you were to so many different people through out your life and how dear you are to so many and will be missed by so many. Im still in shock she has left us, but I know she is a beautiful Angel and has the most beautiful wings. My heart hurts, but smiles knowing you are watching over us. Fly high beautiful Angel!!!!


I Love you!!!    Robin Duncan

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