Book of Memories for Clifford Clifton Adams Sr. Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Memorial Candle lit by Memorial Candles Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:13:53 EDT Condolence From Joe Bill Moad Condolences Thu, 06 Oct 2016 13:42:30 EDT Condolence From Patricia Condolences Tue, 04 Oct 2016 22:56:57 EDT Story shared: Uncle Clifford I am so sad that I can't call ... talk to .. or hear that raspy voice that I grew to love and knew instantly as a child. I can not tell you how many times he said he was gonna spank me... for talking back... but he never did.. not once.

 BUT the best story was after my mom and dad divorced... it probably wasn't pleasant ... but Uncle Clifford had my interest in mind when he and a friend hunted my dad down and reminded him... he better not hurt "Patty" ... my dads exact words..... lol ......  Always my protector. ALWAYS...

I know he let me act up when he didn't let others... and I KNOW for a fact no one could pester him like I did. My first dog .. was a chihuahua and the next a Boston Terrier both because of my Uncle Clifford.. I told him I had a Boston Terrier .... he said in his own blunt honesty .. "Stupid dogs those Boston Terriers"... I laughed and had to agree. 

I will miss you  dearly.... your heart I loved because it was what it was... always.

"Rest in Peace" Patty Cake

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