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Our friendship goes back over 50 years.   I'll never forget the day I met him.  The first thing noted was the vehicle the man was driving--a 1960 something Ford Falcon Ranchero, red and white it was.   That vehicle was an early example of an abbreviated pickup.   When Frank began his exit of the vehicle, I became curious immediately of why this giant man would elect to drive such a tiny jitney.  HIs first sound after unloading was "Howdy", accompanied by a big smile partly exposing the huge wad of Beechnut chewing tobacco at least as large as a golf ball.   

Frank's old Ford Pickup was his trademark.  I don't know for sure just how long he drove it, but he had it during his years at OSU.   It might have been a good addition to the Smithsonian.  I'm not sure he ever swept it out or if he ever washed it.   Dosen't matter.  It is just one of many unique things that can be associated with Frank.

Frank NEVER shirked a task.  Splendid attitude.  Unprecedented work ethic.  Respected.  Made a difference. Loved by many.  Will be sorely missed.  About enough said.


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