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i met mr charlie while working their in 2008 an have kept in touch ever since, it was the first time i had ever been away from my family here in ga,( we were out their about 6 months) an we stayed together every evening. goin out to eat an hanging out at the bars,he also cookd a great steak, he was truely a great friend an gave  me alot of comfort allowing me to be his friend,when i was in a new enviroment with not many friends an also with a new company out of alabama,he showed me his farm an cattle an alot of the area. it made me fall in love with oklahoma, we talked alot about meeting again but i guess things never worked out that way  for us,im  sorry i didnt hear about him till tonite when his phone had been disconnected an i called around to find out about him, im sure gonna miss hearing from you an your stories,





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