Book of Memories for Ina Mae Vogt Recent updates for the Book of Memories Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Story shared: Friends since 1958 We met as sophmore high school class at Prairie Grove, AR.  We had typing class together and she could type 4 times as fast as me.  :)  In English she could write exactly what the teacher wanted.  Graduate 1961 from Prairie Grove, AR.  I from Turlock High School in Turlock, CA where I stayed with my Aunt Melba.  The Post Office made a fortune off of us in the summers.  She could write 4 letter to my one. 

Ina found us Bible Studies from the Church of Christ by mail and we mailed them in besides all our letters.  The summer of 1959 I spent a week with her and her family and we canned food enough for her family and mine.  We went out to the garden to get cucumbers to pickle but we both ate a bunch before we got back to the house. 

The only cool place we found one day was in the food cellar. John Henry brought the horse around and there was no saddle so my first time on a horse was bareback. LOL  The peaches were delicious also and canned.  Yum peach preserves.  I miss Ina. I will see her soon.  I am not looking for signs anymore for the rapture I am listening for the trumpet to sound.  Thank you Jesus for so great a salvation! 

Love Linnia



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